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About About HämmerString

About  HämmerString


The HämmerString Piano/Cello Duo brings something special to a setting or event, creating an uncommon weave of two beautiful instruments and offering music that is bright, beautiful and memorable!


The ensemble was formed 3 years ago in response to a bride's request for the Piano Guys Arrangement of "A Thousand Years".  When we performed this piece we liked the sound, and we saw a tremendous and emotional response from the bride and the guests.  We published a recording of this arrangement on SoundCloud and with no promotion of any kind quickly saw several hundred thousand plays.  We started getting more and more requests to play weddings and began exploring a broader range of material, realizing that we had some special on our hands.


Over the course of the next couple of years, we were established as one of the most popular choices for ceremonies and found ourselves artistically invested in creating a sound that is unique and inspiring.


As of 2018, We have expanded to include a drummer for our public performances and now can be found performing at public venues, restaurants and wineries around the St. Louis area in addition to a very busy wedding/cocktail and private event schedule.


We are the only Ensemble performing authentic Piano Guys and Brooklyn Duo arrangements in the St. Louis Area, and we have the widest ranging repertoire of any local ensemble.



The Musicians

Dave Becherer -  pianist for over 30 years. His foundation, studies and experience were cultivated through 20 years of classical piano.


David later attended Webster University, achieving a jazz piano performance degree. This added new musical dimensions to an already established repertoire. With over two decades of professional experience performing in St Louis and well beyond, his music has been enjoyed in a wide variety of weddings, events, and venues. His multi-genre piano performances have been in demand as a soloist and with ensemble and jazz band settings.




Jake Brookman, cellist studied at the College of Music in New York City through a scholarship. Like David, his experience with the instrument goes back for 30 years.


He's recorded and played with many groups from Saint Louis Symphony to Trans Siberian Orchestra, and has toured extensively.


Known for being one of the finest cellists in the St. Louis region, Jake performs as a soloist or with ensembles for a wide spectrum of events and ceremonies.

Alberto Patiño, Percussionist is a 39 year old multi-instrumentalist who loves playing drums the most.  He grew up playing Colombian folk music with his family, and later became proficient in numerous other styles, including Latin jazz, bebop, gospel, and progressive rock. He briefly studied jazz percussion with Kevin Gianino, but remains largely self-taught. He has been drumming, singing, and playing bass professionally for 25 years.  

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